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18in. Wide - Designer Collection Louvered over Paneled Fiberglass Exterior Shutters (pair)

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18"W x Height

nlarge windows with exterior house shutters. This fiberglass composite design is a blend of louvered and raised panels, with a charming cutout detail. And each 18"W shutter panel takes on the look of painted wood in a virtually maintenance-free format. Fiberglass will never split, crack or fade and has no susceptibility to rot or insects.

Combination louvered and raised panel shutters are an exterior complement to all types of architecture including colonial and eclectic. And the design itself is open to alterations based on individual preference. Want a rabbeted edge or vertical mullion? No problem - our custom order service can accommodate most any request. Rail location and size, stiles, shaker panels, butt hinges, Bahama louver spacing, faux tilt rods and more can all be amended or added.

Overall exterior shutter height can measure up to 108"H in increments of 1/4". Width is customizable down to the 1/8" by request. Customers will also find a total of 30 color options online in addition to a paintable shutter panel.

This product is made in the USA and comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Fiberglass composite window shutters also come with exterior fixed mount hardware. Decorative displays are simple to achieve by attaching shutter panels directly to siding, brick or masonry. Accessorize with holdbacks, hinges and straps to mimic the appearance of a working shutter.

To create functional shutters, operable stainless steel hardware is available for purchase and validates the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Shutters up to 48"H require the use of 2 hinges and pintels. Shutters from 49"-96"H require 3 hinges and pintels. And shutters over 96" require 4 hinges and pintels.

Additional charges may apply for special requests on shipping, packaging, and delivery outside of the continental USA. A special shipping crate may be required for oversized shipments and/or any orders shipped outside of the continental United States. An additional charge of $200 per crate will apply.

18"W x Height
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Download How to Measure for Exterior Shutters Guide

In our online How-To / DIY exterior shutter guides we show you how to measure for decorative shutters, also known as "fixed"or "direct mount"shutters, as well as operable or functional exterior shutter pairs. Installation is a snap with our guides relating to Projected, Recessed or Flush window shutter installations. There you will find diagrams and the proper way to calculate the right dimensions for your order.

Upgrade your current shutters to premium exterior shutter from Hooks and Lattice for a boost of curb appeal delivered right to your door.

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Available Cut Out Shapes for Shutters

Available Cut Out Shapes for Shutters