Custom Window Boxes- Request a Quote

At Hooks & Lattice, we manufacture the overwhelming majority of the items we sell. As a result, custom window boxes are a snap! Create a unique custom flower box and get the perfect fit for your home.


Standard window box sizes include 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" long. Custom size window boxes can be built in shorter lengths, in-between measurements, and oversized dimensions. We have manufactured petite 18" window boxes and huge 108" window boxes, so you can count on our expertise. Almost all of our window box styles are available in custom sizes. Materials include wood, wrought iron, aluminum, composite cellular PVC, real copper, and galvanized metal.


For designers and creative home owners, we can also customize the look of the window box or create a completely new style. Rely on us to bring your vision to life. The sky's the limit!

We can customize fiberglass window boxes to fit your curb appeal needs. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, the possibilities are truly endless with a custom fiberglass window box. Our custom fiberglass window boxes are lightweight but are also incredibly durable and weather resistant. As an added bonus our fiberglass window boxes can easily be crafted to be completely water-tight. Utilizing specialty finishes our designers can craft window boxes that look like rich mahogany or have the charm and patina of weathered copper.

Custom composite PVC window boxes are handmade by our dedicated craftsmen using the same saws and nail guns as they use when working with our wood window boxes or planters. This hand craftsmanship ensures the look and feel of a traditional flower box but without the risk of rotting, cracking warping or chipping. No-rot window boxes ensure no degradation in either the appearance of the box or the structural integrity. The most common feature customized in a window box is the length. Custom length window boxes are affordable and are generally priced at or near the next larger size's retail price. Maximum length: 96".

Custom wood window boxes can be made from our stain-grade cedar we source from deep in South America. This near furniture-quality wood can be stained but most homeowners choose to leave it treated with only a light or clear lacquer. Either our Framed Cottage Cedar window box or our Raised Panel Cedar Wood window box comes in custom lengths. Your custom window box length can be specified for either the cavity of the box or including the trim. Custom wood flower boxes and custom wood planters are a true designer's choice to tie the entire front or back patio of a home together. Maximum length: 108".

Because we have our own 100 percent dedicated metal fabrication shop and metal forgers, Hooks & Lattice offers custom iron window boxes in either a square cage style or a tapered iron window box design. Custom window box liners can also be made to accommodate the cage of your choice, in composite PVC, galvanized metal, and real copper. We have over 14 standard styles of iron and metal window box styles to choose from - all of which can be built to your custom dimensions. If you have a unique design in mind, we can bring it to life in iron. Maximum length: 108".

Our metal fabricators work with aluminum, too! Custom aluminum window boxes are lightweight even at very large sizes, and the molded look of cast aluminum can't be matched in any other material. In some styles, we have our own dedicated sand casts we use to create the intricate and ornamental flower box styles. In others we buy pre-cast panels. But in either case, custom aluminum window boxes can be made to your specific dimensions. We feature several beautiful styles to choose from, each with a unique and ornate design. Maximum length: 108".

Hayrack window boxes can be fabricated with any combination of length, width and height but it is important to remember that, like with the Decora Series, the measurements of the liners cannot change. Some clients who extend the length of the box purchase two coco liners, cut them in the middle, and then overlap them. We also sell coco coir material by the foot. Maximum length: 108".