Faux Balcony Buying Guide

Juliet Balcony Buying Guide

If you're looking at your home and thinking it's missing something from its façade, a faux balcony could be just the ticket! Faux balconies add security to exterior doors and windows while also adding a customized touch that will set your home apart from all others.

What is a faux balcony?

A faux balcony is a decorative piece of iron that is installed in front, below, or over a window or door to either give the appearance of an actual balcony, the appearance of French doors, or to serve as security for a door or large opening windows. These balconies are purely for decorative purposes and are not meant to support the weight of a person.


Faux balconies, often times called Juliet balconies, accentuate windows to give the visual appearance of a larger window. In Paris, faux balconies can be seen on nearly every window to accentuate their French doors to make their small apartments look like the actually have balconies.

Step 1: Choose a style

With over 35 styles to choose from, there are bound to be a couple that match your home's architecture. But if you're looking for something that is 100% your own, then customization is always an option.


If you like one of our pre-designed balconies on our website or something you've seen on someone else's home, as long as you have a picture of it or can describe it in detail, we can make it.

Faux Balconies
Faux balconies and Juliet balconies are installed over or under a window and do not have a deck projection on the bottom. These balconies can also be installed inside the window frame.

False Balconies
Very similar to faux balconies, false balconies have a deck projection, or a floor, but are not meant to support any weight as it is mainly used for decorative purposes

Balcony Railings
For security purposes, balcony railings serve as a barrier on an already existing structural balcony. These railings can also be used inside.

Window Guards
Window guards can cover the entire window for security on a first floor or they can help disguise your not-so-attractive air conditioning unit while adding curb appeal at the same time.

Potting Shelves
Similar to false balconies, potting shelves can hold a planter like a window box or pots filled with plants and flowers. These typically look best when the bottom of potting self is level with the bottom of a window but can also work in many other areas on your home needing

Step 2: Choose a size

Faux balconies and all other decorative metal installments should be installed into a stud in the exterior of a building, typically around a door or window, for maximum structural support. The easiest way to locate a stud is by using a stud finder, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

The length of your faux balcony will be determined on the distance between studs on the outside of the door or window you want to accentuate. The height of the faux balcony is completely up to you. You can also choose a width, or offset, from which the balcony protrudes away from the building.


Note: If you're planning for a faux balcony to be installed over doors or as a balcony railing that will serve as a security barrier, keep in mind the building codes for your state.

Step 3: Choose a coating

All of our balconies are made of durable wrought iron but we can also manufacture faux balconies in aluminum and steel if that is your preference. To prevent deterioration, we offer powder coating in Black or Bronze-Tone.

All of our faux balconies are made to order. So after you've measured and found a style that works perfectly with your taste and architecture, let's work together to make your dream faux balcony a reality.

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