How to Attach Faux Brackets to Window Boxes

Faux window box brackets add elegance and complete the look of adding a window box to any window. Faux brackets, or decorative corbels, make the window box appear as it was built with the home, instead of a curb appeal addition later on. Our faux decorative brackets for window boxes are made of resilient weather resistant material to match our composite PVC Premier window box line, so when brought together, they form a cohesive look perfect for any home's exterior.

Step 1: How Many Brackets Do You Need for Your Window Box?

Since these brackets are decorative and don't hold the weight of the window box, there isn't a concrete number of brackets that you necessarily need, but we have found that the following recommendations look the most architecturally correct on our window boxes.

For window boxes measuring in 24" to 48" long,


2 window box faux brackets typically look the best. For 48" window boxes, 3 brackets can also be used but we suggest our Elegant Standard Faux Brackets, which are only 2" wide.

For window boxes measuring 49" to 71" long,


3 faux brackets look best. Our Petite Classic Faux Brackets are a perfect fit for these window boxes.


For window boxes measuring 72"long, 4 faux brackets look best. For window boxes longer than 72", 4 brackets is still appropriate though every additional 24", you should consider adding another decorative faux bracket to maintain symmetry and architectural uniformity. For these window boxes, our Petite Classic Faux Brackets are also the most visually appealing. For XL window boxes, those that are wider than their counterparts should be matched up with our Classic XL Faux Brackets.

Pro Tip: For multiple pane windows, adding decorative bracket corbels to your window boxes are a great architectural touch. If you have a 3 pane window, 4 faux brackets would look best, just as a 2 pane window would look best with 3 faux brackets under the window box.

Step 2: Measuring Your Window Box for Bracket Placement

Using the faux bracket measuring chart below, based on the width of our faux brackets and recommended distance from the edge, we have suggested increments in which to place your brackets on our most popular sizes of window boxes. We have found that the most architecturally pleasing placement for faux brackets is to make them look as if they were in fact, structural brackets.


Measure in from the outside edge of the window box, 2 or 3 inches to place the outermost brackets. Mark lightly on the bottom of the window box, your measurements for the brackets to be placed.


Pro Tip: If your window box is slightly longer than your window, we suggest you place the outermost brackets in line with the outside frame of your window pane.


Note: The measurements in the chart are just a suggestion for the most visually appealing window box look. You do not have to follow these measurements.


Note: Two or three brackets could be used on 48" window boxes. If you choose to have two brackets, disregard the "2nd Bracket" measurement in the parenthesis and use the "3rd Bracket" measurement as your second bracket measurement.

Step 3: Attach the Bracket to the Box

Decorative bracket corbels are light weight so you don't need to worry about the added weight of your window box.


1. To attach your brackets to your window box, use a PVC adhesive, which you can pick up at any hardware store.


2. Apply the glue to the surface of the faux bracket that will be attached to the window box.


3. Align the faux bracket with the measurements you made in the previous step, so it is flush with the back edge of the window box.


4. Let the PVC adhesive dry for at least 15-30 minutes.

Step 4: Hang Your Window Box and Enjoy!

Voila! You now have a gorgeous window box with faux bracket corbels.


Who would have thought that something so simple can drastically improve your homes curb appeal? This can be done in as little as an afternoon and when installed properly, can last for years to come! Shop all of our composite PVC window boxes and matching faux bracket corbels HERE »