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Flowers for Window Boxes

Silk Flowers are the traditional option for an interior application, but will fade quickly when used outdoors. Our beautiful artificial outdoor rated UV protected poly blend assortment of flowering Bougainvilla vines, make the perfect choice for creating a life-like flowers for window boxes. These floral or greenery statements look amazing in window boxes, planters, or hanging baskets. Bouganvillea vines that are UV protected and fabricated out of poly blend are much more durable and will have lasting color. These outdoor rated floral arrangements are the perfect answer for window boxes placed in high or hard to reach places, or window boxes placed in hard to grow areas.  Floral UV protected "recipes" are an ideal way for someone that does not have the "green thumb" to have fresh and vibrant color on their home or in the garden at all times, no matter the weather. 

24" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
30" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
36" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
42" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
48" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
54" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
60" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines
72" Window Box Recipe for Bougainvillea Vines

PolyBlend is a special kind of flexible plastic material. Large building sized antennas are often disguised as trees using PolyBlend so that they assimilate into the natural environment. This material was engineered to withstand year round weather conditions. So whether you plan to line your window box with hanging azalea vines, place bougainvilleas in a hanging basket, or put geraniums in some pottery, you know our assortment of UV protected polyblend plants will look great for seasons to come. UV protected PolyBlend plants and flowers resist color fading which makes it ideal for landscaping around the home. Silk flowers might keep their color for 3-6 months if left outside.  PolyBend will resist the effects of the sun and will last for several seasons.

At Hooks and Lattice, we have created several arrangements or "recipes" of flowering vines and bushes to use in our standard lengths of window boxes.  These artificial UV protected flower arrangements have been developed to fully utilize the space in the window box, and look as realistic as possible.  After customers receive their outdoor rated floral bushes and vines, they can arrange the artificial outdoor flowering products exactly how they desire.  In order to keep these UV protected floral arrangements inside the window box, one can zip tie the stems together, use floral foam, plaster of Paris, gravel, or even soil to keep the floral recipes intact and inside the window box.