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Raised Garden Featuring Composite Lumber

If you have been thinking about undertaking raised bed gardening to improve your yield from poor quality soil, the Raised Garden Bed Featuring Composite Lumber may be just the thing for you. An eco-friendly gardening alternative, cultivating with raised beds provides an environment of enriched soil where none may exist. Use as a vegetable garden box, a home for a sea of flowers, an herb garden, whatever you want to plant and harvest from your outdoor planter box.

Made from recycled Polyethelene, or HDPE and wood fibers, composite lumber has come of age. The gardening raised beds of today provide opportunities to grow organic healthy food or plant life where none may have previously existed. Easily adaptable to any yard or lawn environment, these raised beds come in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your space. Choose from several sizes and heights.

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8'x8'x12"  Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x8'x6" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x8'x12" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x8'x18" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x8'x24" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x4'x6" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber
4'x4'x12" Raised Garden featuring Composite Lumber

Composite Lumber Raised Garden Beds: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

If you have been having trouble raising vegetables, herbs, and flowers due to poor soil conditions or intermittent erosion problems, raised garden beds made with composite lumber may be the solution. Gardening with raised beds using recycled material to shape your eco-friendly garden has demonstrated time and again that no matter how poor your soil quality or drainage is, you can cultivate and harvest robust vegetables and flowers as if you have the richest soil on the planet. What's more, if you have no yard at all but have a patio, deck or rooftop on which to place your vegetable garden box, fresh food can be available at your fingertips.

Raised beds manufactured with our eco-friendly wood fibers and recycled plastic in the form of Polyethelene, HDPE specifically, provide an outdoor planter box that looks like wood but has none of its drawbacks. Our raised beds won't rot, warp, crack, split or degrade like wood, and retain their shape season after season. Having garden boxes that are less vulnerable to moisture-induced damage provide long term use and happy homes for all plant life, no matter what you grow. These are just a few reasons why organic and backyard farmers choose raised garden beds as they provide optimal conditions using enriched soil to grow fruits and vegetables.

Raised Garden Boxes as Landscaping Tools

Whether you have a large estate home or a small patch of ground that you'd like to improve, displaying a raised garden bed can be perfect. They are a useful and effective way to improve appeal of otherwise uninspired yards or grounds even if you don't want grow food. Planting colorful flowers, small flowering shrubs or herbs such as rosemary, raised beds offer a great solution to more costly landscaping and add charm and beauty in the process.

In addition, gardening with raised beds can also be useful teaching tools. Some families, even schools, incorporate garden boxes as an opportunity to instruct children about the benefits and processes of gardening and promote healthy eating habits. They provide a great opportunity for teaching the cycles of cultivation, including tilling, seeding, weeding and pruning, and ultimately harvesting what they grow. And with over a half dozen garden box sizes to choose from in our inventory, you can select the size that it just right for you, regardless of what purpose you put your eco-friendly garden to. Get your school involved today - we offer bulk and special discounts for educational programs.