Terrarium gardening is the ultimate symbol of an eco-friendly globe. Sometimes known as hanging globe terrariums, these small ecosystems look great in any area, making a great modern statement that is both appealing and eco-friendly. Hooks and Lattice sells wall mount, ceiling mount, and table top terrariums.

Our glass planters make a great gift that is both modern, easy to care for and environmentally conscious. Please give us a call for more information or to order your own hanging glass planter today!

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Create Visual Interest with Hanging Glass Terrariums

These pieces look great in the office, home or commercial gathering places. These petite planters create interest and discussion, particularly when used with air plants inside. When mounted flush to a wall, they act as a wall bubble vase (or wall bubble aerium) and create a tiny ecosphere for air plants, lichens or mosses. Our glass wall terrariums have a small hole on the back for mounting with a nail or screw and make great use of empty walls in an office, cubicle and integrate well into bedroom, living room and kitchen design.

Eco-Chic Living Accents

Whether mounted on a wall, sitting on a desk or hanging from strong fishing line, each sturdy glass air plant globe can handle a growing medium like soil or sand or simply decorate with small rocks. These glass planters are great fun and attention grabbing when planted with Tilandsias. Tilandsias are called "air plants" as misting with water a couple of times per week keeps them more than satisfied inside the container. Air plants that survive solely on moisture in the air are a fan favorite as they eliminate messes and don't require watering often. And who doesn't love eco-friendly home accents with live plants?

Plant & Decorating Ideas

Unique decorations are easy to change based on your mood or desired effect on patrons. Other common mediums for plant terrariums are pebbles, peat, wood chips, mulch, coconut fibers or combinations of all of them. Choose an inanimate object to create discussion, to promote your business, college team or even a charitable cause. Consider low light terrarium plants like Rhipsalis "mistletoe cactus", Hatiora salicornioides "Drunkard's bones", Haworthia and Gasteria for easy-care, lasting beauty. Looking for tropical terrarium plants? Look to vivacious varieties of Philodendron, Golden pothos and Fittonia.

Glass terrariums featuring air plants (plants that survive only via the moisture in the air) are our favorite as watering isn't necessary and messes are eliminated. They are a great, affordable and "green friendly" gift choice as well. For more information, or to get help choosing the best terrariums for your interior space or special event please call toll free.