Mossy Fairy Garden Kit -Large

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Adventure Awaits in the Fairy Garden

Help your little ones go on wonderful adventures with magical friends and learn gardening basics with our fairy garden kit. Created using a variety of mosses and bark, our fairy garden supplies can help you get started creating a world fairies and other magical creatures can enjoy, and your children can take pleasure in helping to maintain. You and your kids can choose the colors that best fit your fantasy and then start creating the fairytale world that your child will most enjoy. By adding trolls, fairies and other accessories your child will appreciate gardening and learn the art of storytelling.

Choose Your Favorite Colors

These fairy garden supplies come in several color options so you can create the perfect garden scenario. Pick bright colors for a happy carefree Wonderland, or choose darker colors and create a dark brooding forest full of secrets and mystery. Once you've created the look you want you can choose the accessories that best match your needs. Whether you want happy fairies with delicate wings that flutter about, smiling gnomes that work in the garden or brooding trolls that are moving about create the scene that your kids will enjoy maintaining. Because of the high quality materials your young ones will be able to maintain and enjoy their magical, miniature garden for years to come.

A Thriving Garden in Any Environment

This fairy garden kit can be placed practically anywhere and still thrive. Keep it outdoors with other plants and flowers or bring it indoors and place it on a coffee table or other surface. Or, let your child take complete charge and give it a home in their room. So when you're ready to let your child's imagination come to life while learning garden basics, order this kit and let them go wild!

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