Dawn Redwood Tree Growing Kit in Burlap Bag

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Grow a living fossil in your own backyard with our Dawn Redwood tree growing kit. This true marvel of nature will help both children and adults appreciate the wonders of Mother Earth as they watch their tiny seeds grow into a tree that can reach up to 100 feet tall. Once thought to be extinct, the Dawn Redwood was discovered growing in the middle of a rice paddy in China in 1946. The seeds were collected and spread worldwide, so that today even you can grow this wondrous tree at home in virtually any climate. This beautifully packaged growing kit makes the perfect gift for children and families. Together you and your children can learn about the plant growth cycle as you watch your tiny seed transform into a green seedling and then a soaring coniferous shade tree. Dawn redwood trees are fast growing and can be planted in Zones 4-8. These versatile trees require little maintenance after they are large enough to be planted in the ground. Each tree growing kit includes:

  • Dawn Redwood tree seeds
  • Coir seedling pot
  • Soil-less growing medium
  • Terra cotta saucer
  • Aluminum tree tag
  • Jute bag
  • Reference guide
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Length 8.5"
Height 9.5"
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