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Composite Main Street Square Planter Box

"X" marks the spot for homeowners who want eye-catching outdoor square planters to display their seasonal flowers and plants. Our Composite Main Street Premier Planter is uniquely crafted with a beautiful, dimensional design that adds interest to both your patio and garden. By carefully arranging sturdy cellular PVC to create an "X" shape on all four sides, these outdoor square planters make an appealing accent piece that will not rot, split or warp.

Our Composite Main Street Square Planter Box is available in two square sizes: 18" x 18" and 24" x 24'' in measurement. With the classic charm of traditional planters, these containers also have the modern convenience afforded by their low maintenance construction. Easy to apply in any landscape, the Composite Main Street Square Planter Box surpasses other traditional planters of similar size in terms of affordability, style and durability.

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18in. Main Street Premier PVC Planter w/ Feet|18" W x 19" H
24 in. Main Street Premier PVC Planter w/ Feet| 24" W x 19" H

Combine all the charm of traditional planters with every convenience of modern materials, and you get the Composite Main Street Square Planter Box from Hooks and Lattice. These outdoor square planters bring together impeccable design and durable construction, made from Premier Composite cellular PVC.

Available in an 18'' or 24'' size, these outdoor square planters have the regal appearance of the four-post footprint, a detail that is mirrored at the top of each container. Our Composite Main Street Square Planter Box is aptly named, as these large outdoor planters bring all the charm of Main Street America to your home landscaping plans. With a symmetrical crisscross panel detail on each side, these work well as traditional planters that exude classic sophistication.

Perhaps even more than design value, what these outdoor square planters boast is low-maintenance toughness. Constructed from a premier composite material, each container is an outdoor rated product that resists cracking, warping, rotting, fading and other damages typical in exterior applications. In stature, the Composite Main Street Square Planter Box mimics painted white wood. In performance, it exceeds wood in every capacity from level of maintenance required to its feather-light weight.

To accompany outdoor square planters, Hooks and Lattice also offers a comprehensive selection of other traditional planters including smaller single plant accents or window boxes. By creating a cohesive theme across containers in a landscape, our customers can easily tie an exterior together and create an air of personality around their homes.

Fill the Composite Main Street Square Planter Box with any plant and flower you desire, or even small trees and flowering shrubs. These outdoor square planters have a solid footprint and are able to handle good-sized planting loads, making your options widespread.

In addition to the outdoor square planters seen here, Hooks and Lattice also offers various other products including other planter styles and landscape accessories. For questions on these or other planters, or to discuss your unique project in more detail please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Our project managers can be reached toll free by calling 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.