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Moss Window Basket Planter & Hanging Baskets

Moss window boxes and hanging baskets are created by the hand-weaving of preserved material onto a wire frame. This process creates a moss window box that feels organic, earthy, and like the ideal home for your favorite plant and flower arrangements. Moss hanging baskets also add vertical dimension to the garden and can be hung above other planters to drain their excess water atop another drinking plant - efficient and beautiful.

Each moss window box and hanging basket is designed to last several seasons and our diverse offering of sizes will accommodate most spaces. Moss window boxes are available in 24", 30", and 36" lengths, and also a 22" long rectangular hanging planter. Not to be left out, pyramid shaped moss hanging baskets are available in two hearty sizes. Even in small space or urban gardens, moss covered planters add an organic sense of life and beauty. Moss hanging baskets and window boxes can also be created at home with an artificial moss roll in your choice of length.

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24in. Ashton Moss Vine Window Basket
30in. Ashton Moss Vine Window Basket
36in. Ashton Moss Vine Window Basket
22in. Ashton Moss Vine Hanging Window Basket w/ Chain
13in. Moss Pyramid Hanging Basket w/ Chain & Moss Ball Plug
15in. Moss Pyramid Hanging Basket w/ Chain & Moss Ball Plug
18in. Preserved Moss Roll - Choose Your Length
The appeal of moss hanging baskets and window boxes is at once wild and refined. Hand-woven with sheets of preserved moss window boxes and hanging planters take on a new sense of vibrant, natural charm. Online at Hooks and Lattice, we supply an array of moss window box and hanging containers to accommodate a range of home and garden designs.

Moss window boxes and hanging baskets look effortlessly at home on a front porch, suspended form a garden hook, or mounted along a deck railing. Their fresh green tone is highlighted by earthy brown and lemongrass, making each moss window box a naturally lovely canvas upon which to display bright colored blooms. Yellow and purple pansies, all varieties of bright gerbera daisies, vivid snapdragons and lively lilies are just a few that come to mind. Plant at eye level in a window box or use moss hanging baskets to mix in vertical dimension and diversify your garden.

Hooks and Lattice features a 24", 30" and 36" length moss window box and also a rectangular hanging box planter that measure 22" long. These containers are in the classic configuration of a box planter that can be mounted along the bottom of window frames, on deck railings, walls, or even as a free standing planter on patios and decks.

For moss hanging baskets, in addition to the rectangular silhouette, our customers will also find an alluring pyramid shape in two sizes: 13" or 15"H. These moss covered hanging planters have a way of drawing the eye upward starting at the pointed base all the way to the springing petals of your favorite flowers. For city dwellers, the use of hanging baskets is both practical and economical. Innovate to cover a terrace or high-rise patio with fresh plant life, or even use moss hanging baskets as an indoor accent along a sunny window.

In addition to the moss covered window box and planter styles pictured above, our customers can also take on a do-it-yourself project with the purchase of an artificial moss roll. This can be utilized with your own garden containers or paired with a Hooks and Lattice window box or hanging planter.