Grapevine Clock & Thermometer Combo

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A flourish of grapevines and a decorative combination of hues make these decorative clock and thermometer combinations an ideally suited choice for a range of décor themes. While it will be right at home with more classic and traditional homes, you'll also find that makes a unique accent piece for more modern and contemporary décor.

This clock features a stunning organization of grapevines throughout, but it's more than just a pretty face. It also features fluid movements and precision accuracy thanks to the controlled moments. They're also weather resistant, allowing them to work well in outdoor locations. Never worry about rusting, fading, or wind damage, no matter what Mother Nature decides to dish out. You'll never have to walk indoors to find the time, and the addition of the thermometer means you can easily keep track of the temperature. Place in your garden and keep note of when it's time to move flowers indoors or into the shade out of the hot sun.

Grapes, leaves, and vines intertwine and mingle for a stunning display that updates any patio, garden fence, or gazebo. Comes in a bronze-toned luster and is handcrafted directly for Hooks and Lattice.

More Information
Length 8"
Height 13.75"
Width 12"
Shape Rectangle
Color Copper Verdi, French Bronze
Material Aluminum
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