Hibiscus Barn Red Bee House

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Add a Unique Touch with Decorative Mason Bee Houses

Decorative bee hotels and insect houses, also called ‘trap nests,' are a great addition to any organic garden. They entice all of those beneficial solitary bees to your yard, in turn helping to pollinate your fruit, vegetables, and flowers without the use of harmful chemicals. On top of that, Mason bee houses provide a unique decorative finishing touch for your garden décor. Painted a bright red, this wooden bee hotel is sure to draw eyes from across the yard. Hang it from a tree trunk or on a garden wall and enjoy watching the bees do their magic. These fun and practical bee boxes make great gifts for gardeners!

How to Attract Bees to Your Garden

The beauty of hanging mason bee houses is that they allow anyone to be a beekeeper! You don't have to have an expansive property or acres of crops to cultivate your own little colony of solitary bees right in your own backyard. Bee houses appeal to Mason and Woodcutter bees that make individual nest cells in tunnels or holes in wood. Filled with hollow bamboo canes, this house provides the perfect place for solitary bees to congregate. Plant a variety of colorful flowers throughout the growing season to entice bees to your yard.

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Length 6.75"
Height 8.75"
Width 4.75"
Material Wood
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