Heather Sky Blue Bee House

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Decorative Bee Houses for Gardens, Rooftops, and Yards

Doubling as both a decorative outdoor ornament and an organic solution for a healthier lawn and garden, this little blue bee house makes a perfect gift for the avid gardener in your life; even if that gardener happens to be you! In a striking sky blue color, this insect hotel for solitary bees is sure to stand out in your yard or garden. It creates a conversation-starting focal point that blends well with both rustic and modern décor. Hang this wooden bee condo from a tree trunk, post, fence, or outbuilding wall.

Make Solitary Bees Welcome with Mason Bee Homes

From rooftop herb beds to backyard vegetable patches, pollinator insects help your garden thrive as they fly from plant to plant collecting nectar. Especially popular for organic gardening, bee houses give beneficial Mason and Leafcutter bees a safe place to nest, making them feel welcome in your outdoor space. Hang this bright blue bee bungalow in a prominent spot and watch the helpful little critters come buzzing in to check it out. In no time you'll have a healthy crowd of solitary bees keeping your garden in tiptop shape. This 7.5" H bee house provides plenty of room for dozens of bees to take up residence in the hollow bamboo canes.

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Length 5.5"
Height 7.5"
Width 4.75"
Material Wood
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