Tulip Lime Green Bee House

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Find Solitary Bee Houses for Sale to Match Any Décor

Make your backyard vegetable or flower garden thrive; and while you're at it make a bold decorative statement with this lime green bee house. It's a fun and practical way to invite solitary pollinator bees and other insects into your yard. And it makes a lovely focal point on a tree trunk or garden post that's sure to start conversations. The wooden Tulip bee hotel will match with any type of outdoor décor, whether it's modern, rustic, natural, or eclectic. These unique outdoor decorations make great gifts for gardeners and kids, too.

Invite Pollinators to Your Garden with a Green Bee Hotel

This big bee condo isn't just green in color it's also green from an ecological standpoint. Adding a safe nesting place for beneficial pollinator species in your yard is an organic way to make your garden thrive. And it's an eco-friendly way to protect helpful Mason and Leafcutter bees and other garden insects. The bees are sure to thank you for the safe and dry spot to lay their eggs. In return they'll buzz around your garden, pollinating your plants as they fly from flower to flower to collect nectar. These large wooden bee homes provides plenty of space for dozens of solitary bees to congregate in different sizes of bamboo canes and drilled wooden blocks.

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Length 5.5"
Height 11"
Width 4.75"
Material Wood
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