Large Maison Birdhouse

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Get Rustic with Moss Decorative Birdhouses

What could be more rustic than the combination of golden brown wicker and vibrant green Mountain moss? In a truly stunning combination of materials, the large Maison birdhouse gives you the perfect rustic finishing piece for your garden or patio décor. This large bird bungalow is made using all natural materials to give it the utmost natural appeal. And since wicker and moss and natural bird nesting materials, you might almost think this earthy decoration was constructed by the birds themselves! With the included chain you can display this cute hanging birdhouse on any tree branch, shepherd's crook, trellis, or porch.

Hanging Birdhouses Invite Wildlife to Your Yard

Though this moss bird hotel is sure to bring rustic beauty to your outdoor decorative scheme, it's so much more than just a hanging ornament. It's also the perfect home for a pair of songbirds to raise a family! The bright green moss and natural wood will entice any number of wild birds to come check out your yard as they search for the ideal place to nest. Adults and children alike will enjoy watching the birds go about their daily business as they flutter around, perch and peek out from the "front door." Make sure to hang a birdfeeder nearby!

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Length 11"
Height 12"
Width 11"
Material Moss
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