Butterfly Habitat Garden Maker

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It just doesn't feel like spring until you've seen the colorful petals of butterflies fluttering throughout your yard. However, butterflies are known for frequenting areas where there is ample food and moisture, making flower gardens with favorable buds and blooms their favorite spots. This butterfly gardening kit features a mix of seeds for flowers that are known to draw these beautiful creatures, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite winged insects.

The set comes with purple coneflower, holly hock, Mexican sunflower, cosmos, black eyed Susan, butterfly weed, zinnia, and borage - the perfect mix to nourish the butterflies while beautifying your yard. Each seed packet is packaged into its own container, and all containers are packed inside of a stainless steel case. You'll also find garden stakes inside to keep your blooms neatly organized, as well as a pencil for simple labeling.

Grow your flowers early spring and watch them bloom to life as the weather warms. Start them indoors in containers and then move to your backyard, or keep them decorative planters for easy movement from indoors to out. Soon, you'll see a flourish of dancing butterflies moving gracefully from flower to flower. Makes a great project to do with the kids.

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Length 7.25"
Height 1"
Width 5.25"
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