Coconut Coir Fiber Blocks - Growing Medium

Starting your own garden this year? Then it's time to check out the growing medium that has gardeners of all levels buzzing. Coco Fiber Blocks provide a renewable, sustainable alternative to peat moss that boasts exciting versatility. Combine with your favorite potting soil and organic fertilizer for maximum container and raised bed garden results.

The Benefits of Coco Fiber Blocks

  • Help plants grow stronger root systems
  • Resistant to weeds and pathogens
  • Encourage healthy moisture levels
  • Pair well with organic fertilizer

To use as a growing medium in window boxes and narrow planters up to approximately 3-feet long, use a half or full block based on overall container size. Ordering extra coco fiber block to mix in later is also recommended. In raised beds and planters, the coco husk fibers help to retain nourishing moisture, prevent damaging soil erosion and encourage healthy airflow.

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Get the most out of your potting soil by adding Coco Fiber Blocks to the mix. This organic growing medium continues to build in popularity, owing to its eco-friendly properties and demonstrated results in the garden. As little as a half-block of coconut husk can help container arrangements and raised bed gardens to thrive like never before.

A Guilt-Free Growing Medium

Using Coco Fiber Blocks in window boxes, patio planters, raised beds and other contained growing spaces is an all-around smart choice. Container gardeners are sure to find a winning combination in:

Coconut Husk + Preferred Potting Soil + Organic Fertilizers & Composts

The secret begins with properties inherent to coco fiber. As with all growing mediums, the best ones are right under our noses – out in nature just waiting to be found. It's no different with the almighty coconut. Inside these tropical drupes is a naturally fibrous layer of husk. Already in use for many of our planter liners, the Coco Fiber Block is simply a deconstruction of the fibers into a growing medium that lends properties complementary to potting soils. Plus, it's a sustainable choice that any nature-lover can appreciate.

Sounds cool, but what do I do once I have it?

That's simple. Just add it to a good potting soil. The fibrous husk of each Coco Fiber Block is easy to break up and mix in as desired. It's great for creating well-balanced, organic growing mediums with optimal water retention and less soil erosion – both critical factors to successful small-space gardening. Coconut husk is also pH-neutral which means one less component to monitor when potting.

A Little Coco Fiber Goes A Long Way

Wondering how much husk you need to complete your growing medium? Here's a general rule:

A single 5-Kg brick when moistened will cover an area of 3' x 3' to a depth of 2.5" This is equal to approximately 16-20 gallons on average.

Have questions on different types of coco growing mediums and organic fertilizers? Please give us a call at 800-896-0978.