GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment - 2 Cu Ft Bag

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Want to save water gardening? It has never been easier than with these soil amendments! They're made from a unique blend of polymers, coconut coir, and fir mulch. This combination holds moisture better than conventional gardening soil alone while providing a steady amount of moisture to your plants. You'll water less often, allowing you to focus on other things. Perfect for those who don't want to spend a ton of time on their plants or for those who are frequently away from home and can't water often. These soil amendments contain all the nutrition your plants need to maintain vitality and optimum health. Plus, they can hold as much as eight times their weight in moisture. It's perfect for improving the condition of sandy or worn out soil. What's more, it also makes container gardening more efficient and less risky. While most containers dry out quickly, your plants will maintain their health and beauty more effectively and efficiently. Soil amendments are also good for the environment, since they cut down on water consumption while promoting plant life. Just combine a 40/60 mix of soil amendment crumbles with gardening soil - two cubic feet of crumbs and three cubic feet of soil, and the mix so that both are evenly distributed throughout.

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Length 2'
Height 2'
Width 2'
Material Coconut Coir
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