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Composite PVC Trellises & Garden Screens

Composite PVC Trellises & Garden Screens

A PVC trellis is a gardening classic - striking, lovely, and long-lasting. Each white garden trellis is made with the composite that has revolutionized decks, planters, and other outdoor features. Rot-proof composite PVC trellises are inherently white, so they'll never peel or flake like painted wood, and ugly mildew is never a concern. Enjoy the white trellises in their original color or paint them with acrylic latex paint.

Our composite trellises are generously sized in a medley of fine designs to complement your home and the many exciting vines available today. Using PVC trellises side by side as a privacy screen is easy, or tuck them into an intimate seating area or dining corner in your yard. Count on each pristine white trellis to add grace to your garden for years to come.

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Composite PVC trellises and garden screens were the wildest dreams of previous generations, but no longer. In fact, we have the most stylish and varied medley of PVC garden screens anywhere. The long-lasting, durable qualities of cellular PVC produces a no-rot trellis that you don't need to worry about. Don't fret about the weight and vigor of vines on your PVC composite garden screens and trellises. Instead, relax and enjoy the beautiful result of your work in the garden.

Hooks and Lattice offers trellis styles from the Greeks of storied Corinth to the latest of today's garden designs. Trellises and garden screens coordinate well with a pergola or other garden features, and of course can help create delightful garden seating areas or nooks for a table and chairs. You may combine more than one to create a privacy screen trellis, or we will work with you to combine our designs into a custom piece that best meets your needs. Phone our customer service line at 1-800-896-0978. Any of our planter box styles can be used with garden screens to add another focal point to your garden.