Black Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch

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Lustrous Black Glass Rocks for Fire Pits

Firewood has been used as the base for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces for ages. It has a certain rustic appeal. But this is the modern age, and with modern gas fire pits quickly becoming an in-demand decorative element for outdoor spaces it's time to bring the look of your fire up-to-date as well. Step away from old-fashioned faux logs and lava rocks. Add a look of contemporary elegance to your fire feature with this innovative, tempered reflective fire glass. The glowing appeal of gemstones, these black glass rocks create a dramatic atmosphere out on your patio or in your living room fireplace as they reflect the glow of dancing flames.

Tempered Reflective Fire Glass Adds Illumination

Though it can be found in many colors (right here on our site, in fact), black fire glass has a modern, understated appeal to it. Its versatile hue goes well with any type of décor or any style of fire pit, and it has a more natural look than colorful fire glasses. One side of this tempered glass has a mirror finish that gives it a lovely reflective quality. Not only will it appear to shimmer and move under the light of the flames, but it will also cast an illumination of its own. Truly stunning to behold!

Resistant to Melting and Discoloring

The practical benefits of this material include it's subtle ability to hide gas burners and lines that detract from the natural look of your fire. With fire glass rocks, flames appear to be springing forth from the rocks themselves. And even though they are in direct contact with the flame, you will never have to worry about the glass melting or burning, nor will they discolor over time. Rated for use with propane or natural gas fire pits.

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Diameter 0.25"
Color Black
Material Glass
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