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Direct Mount Solera Simple Flower Box, Flower Boxes, Window Flower Box

The Solera Flower Box is a scaled down version of our XL Hampton Window Flower Box, and works well for customers in search of a similar look with a smaller price tag. These direct mount window flower boxes affix to walls directly using lag bolts and are available for purchase as a window flower box only, or with decorative faux brackets (additional cost applies).

  • Solid 5/8" thick planter walls
  • Guaranteed to never rot!

Constructed out of no-maintenance Cellular PVC, the Solera Flower Box mimics wood in appearance but without the susceptibility to cracking, splitting, warping or rotting - in hot or cold, dry or moist environments. A supreme level of durability makes this window flower box popular for homeowners and architects with a focus on low maintenance, outdoor planting containers. Window boxes are sold standard in white, but Cellular PVC can be painted. For window flower boxes to be applied to masonry, block or brick, lag shields are also available for separate purchase online at Hooks & Lattice.

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24" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
30" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
36" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
42" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
48" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
54" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
60" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
72" Solera Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
Petite Classic Faux Bracket
Modeled after our larger window flower boxes in the XL Hampton style, the Solera Flower Box is a slighter version in terms of width and depth. This window flower box is a direct mount model and works well for customers that want to apply window flower boxes directly to walls without the use of brackets. For a Solera Flower Box that will mount to wood or vinyl siding, lag bolts do the trick, and for mounting window flower boxes to brick, block or masonry, simply add lag bolts. Mounting hardware is available for separate purchase.

The Solera Flower Box is one in a line of composite window flower boxes made from Cellular PVC, available online at Hooks & Lattice. This wood alternative material has found much popularity in window flower box applications due to its low maintenance durability in exterior applications. Similar to pine in terms of weight and density, Cellular PVC Window Flower Boxes give the same classic look as a wooden container but without the usual vulnerability to damage caused by moisture and extreme temperatures. This composite does not split, crack, warp or rot, and insects are naturally repelled by the material.

Sold standard in white, these window flower boxes are also constructed from a paintable material that can be colored to match any exterior. Each of the Solera Petite Flower Boxes pictured online measures 7.25"W x 8"H with length measurements available in 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72"L. For customers who have a custom windowsill not suited to any of these dimensions, custom window flower boxes can be created to accommodate most requests. Simply call for a consultation and quote.

To mount one of our composite window flower boxes, Hooks & Lattice recommends a direct attachment to the wall instead of brackets. To get the look of brackets, faux options are available for decoration (additional cost applies). Applying a direct-mount Solera Flower Box is easy using 3/8" diameter X 3 1/2" long bolts when fully secured to framing studs on a wall inside of stucco or wood siding. Add lag shields where mounting to block, masonry or brick. All hardware is available for separate purchase online, and suggested pieces can be found on the right side of the page after clicking on a specific Solera Flower Box size online.

For more details about products seen online or to discuss a custom sized Solera Flower Box, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).