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Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets range in size from smaller residential planter sizes to large commercial planter sizes. Residential sizes are normally 12" to 16" in diameter. Commercial sizes are normally 18" to 22" in diameter, but we also offer larger options such the whopping 42 inch hanging basket if your projects needs something of this magnitude. Special sizes and designs can also be manufactured to any specifications as required.

Our commercial size, deluxe XL and large hanging wall planters are available with or without "PlanterWell" self-watering reservoirs, that are able to water plants for up to 4 weeks. We also sell large replacement coir liners, liner inserts, hanging basket brackets and self-watering reservoir units separately in multiple sizes.

No hanging basket is complete without the quintessential coco liner. Coconut coir basket liners have several advantages over moss or peat liners in that are less prone to evaporation, they provide excellent drainage and aeration, prevent root rot, and are long lasting and reusable. Additionally, they go through a very eco-friendly construction. Pressed coconut coir liners are natural, organic and environmentally safe.

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