Black Mansfield Rain Catcher

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Water your flowers for less with this beautifully designed rain catching barrel. IT features a detailed exterior that adds to your landscaping, so you don't have to deal with an eyesore in order to capture the rain. Place beneath a gutter or spout and catch those summer downpours with ease. The water can be used to provide moisture for your garden and flower beds, so you don't have to rack up your water bill in order for your plants to thrive and flourish. An overflow hose is also included for those heavy rain storms.

These barrels are made from polyethylene vinyl, which is weather resistant and designed to withstand harsh conditions. They won't rust or become otherwise damaged like other materials sometimes, can, and they'll maintain an attractive appearance over the long haul. Their black finish is also appealing with a wide range of décor themes, so you won't mind stepping outside and seeing this barrel placed neatly aside your house.

Each rain catcher boasts an impressive 40-gallon capacity, so you can water even a spacious flower bed or several planters without the need to tap into your home's water supply.

For larger gardens or multiple planters or flower beds, place several rain barrels strategically around your home to capture additional water.

More Information
Length 19.5"
Height 35"
Width 22.5"
Style Small Space, Contemporary
Material Vinyl
Shape Square
Color Black
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