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Square Tapered Self Watering Planter Inserts - Commercial Grade

Square Self-Irrigation, Self Watering Planter Inserts (sometimes called planter reservoirs)are a great solution for someone that is looking to water their plants less frequently.  With a wide selection of sizes and shapes these square self-watering self-irrigating planter inserts will fit into a wide selection of standard square and vase-shaped planters.  Square Self Irrigating planter inserts are great for indoors and outdoors.  With a proven vacuum-sensor technology that precisely monitors the moisture level, you will grow plants and flowers better than ever.  These square self-irrigating, self-watering planter inserts will only need to be filled every 2-3 weeks depending on your location.

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12" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade
17" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade
20.5" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade

Square self-irrigation planter inserts may not sound exciting at first blush, but picture this - using self-watering planter inserts you will need to water your plants only a fraction as often as in the past, in some cases and seasons only once every 2-3 weeks! We can guarantee that each of those extra days gifted by self-irrigation pot inserts will feel like a vacation for experienced gardeners! Newer gardeners may as well start out right with the higher enjoyment/lower work ratio gained from self watering pots.

There is no greater gift than self watering planters. Think Mother's Day. What greater gift you can give than the extra leisure self watering planter inserts will add to her life! And more - maintaining the perfect amount of water by using self=irrigating planter inserts does wonders for plants. They will look better than ever.

This group of self-irrigation liners is designed for square and vase-shaped pots. If you are uncertain about sizes, consult our customer service department, 1-800-896-0978. Our three sizes of square self watering inserts fit a wide range of container, and we offer a variety of liners to self-irrigate both pots and window boxes. This system for self watering planters maintains a plant water reservoir designed by Planter Technology, which has been developing self watering systems for plants since 1979.

The self-watering planters systems can all be filled from a garden hose, a quick and easy way to replenish the water available for self watering plants.