Exterior Shutter Buying Guide

You've decided you want to add shutters to your home but not sure which ones you should get? Well, you're in luck because we've done all the hard work for you. This buying guide is broken down into the essentials you need to know when it comes to buying exterior shutters.

Step 1: Functional or Decorative Shutters?

Originally, shutters were used to protect homes from the weather and intruders. Today, function is no longer a necessity thanks to glass window panes. But if you want that added protection, functional exterior shutters are a perfect way to add curb appeal and old-world functionality.


If you're looking for the authentic look but want them to be as maintenance free as possible, decorative shutters are for you! With the proper size, placement and hardware, no one will be able to tell they are faux shutters. Or if you simply want to add curb appeal and accentuate your windows, direct mount shutters are an excellent option as well.

Step 2: Measure Your Windows for Exterior Shutters?


When measuring for functional shutters, the measurements need to be precise as to close over the window correctly
If your windows have a large offset or you want your shutters to overlap, take those measurements into consideration as well
Exterior Shutter Width = Window Width ÷ 2



When it comes to measuring for decorative shutters, it is really a personal preference since you don't need to worry about closing them over the window
Height of Window = Height of Shutters

Step 3: Styles of Shutters

Matches Victorian, Italianate, Georgian, Spanish, Ranch, and Greek revival style homes
For Federal and Colonial style homes, install on 2nd floor



Board & Batten:
Matches Spanish, Ranch, and French Country style homes
For shutters measuring more than 54" in height and for double hung windows, 3 battens will give a more balanced look

Raised Panel:
Matches Victorian, Georgian, Ranch, French Country, and Greek revival style homes
Matches on the first floor of Federal and Colonial style homes


Bahama shutters can match just about any style home or commercial building
Traditionally they are mostly used in tropical areas to protect windows from storms
They work great for shading rooms from harsh direct sunlight and porches from strong winds while also creating privacy

Matches Victorian, Italianate, Federal, Georgian, Colonial, Ranch, and Greek revival style home
Combinations styles include Louvered, Operable Louvered, and Raised Panel
Customizations include Arched Top and Cut Outs on shutter panels

Arched shutters add an even more personal

touch to your home
You can have Arched Raised Panel, Board & Batten, and Combination shutters

Looking for a 100% original look? You're in luck because we can make just about anything when it comes to custom shutters!
If you know what Style, Size, Material, Color, and Quantity you want, give us a call and we will draw up an estimate for you then we can start making your shutter dreams into a reality! Or if you don't know, give us a call and we can help you!

Step 4: Which Material is Best for You

Lowest Cost
Decorative Only
Lightweight, long-lasting durability
Pre-finished wood grain so they're not shiny
40-Year warranty against cracking, fading and structural failure
Paintable option or pick from fade resistant stock colors

Traditional and most authentic
Available in pre-painted or natural
Natural can be stained or painted
Acceptable for most historical districts
Available in cedar and rustic wood
Customizable upgrades available such as cut-outs and arched tops

Maintenance free: will not split, crack or rot
Long-lasting duability
Ideal for climates with high variation in temperature and moisture levels
Lifetime warranty



Storm rated Bahama style
Maintenance free; powder coated finish for long lasting durability
14 standard colors and custom color matching
Ideal for any climate
Functional hardware included with every Bahama shutter




Real wood-like feel without the maintenance or cost of refinishing
Won't split, crack, warp, rot or fade
No need for annual touch-ups or resurfacing
Operable or direct mount available
Available in standard colors or for color matching
Can be painted with standard acrylic latex exterior paint
Acceptable for most historical districts
Variety of customizable options

Step 5: What Kind of Hardware do you Need:

Functional Shutter Hardware:

Functional shutters need to be able to cover the entire window so measuring precisely is very important. Important rules to follow:

Shutter pairs from 14-48" in height require the use of 2 pairs of hinges/pintels
Shutter pairs from 49-96" in height require the use of 3 pairs of hinges/pintels
Shutter pairs over 96" in height require the use of 4 pairs of hinges/pintels

Decorative Shutter Hardware:
If your shutters are going to be for purely decorative purposes, measurements for hardware are not required.
But to make your shutters look as authentic as possible follow the placement measurements as closely as possible.





Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware:
Stainless steel hardware supports the weight of operable exterior shutters
Works best for operable exterior shutters
Stainless steel lasts longest
No maintenance






Direct Mount Shutter Hardware:

Durable transparent direct mount brackets Designed for decorative, non-operable shutters.  Secure mount that stays almost completely out of sight
Eliminates need to drill holes into your designer shutters
Works on any shutter of at least 1" thick
Ideal for wood, composite, and fiberglass


Hopefully, we have answered all your shutter questions and you're ready to take the next step in your curb appeal project! If you do have any questions or would like to place a custom order, give us a call at 800-896-0978 or send us an email: sales@hooksandlattice.com