Basic Drip Kit

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For a quick and easy installation to your faucet use this Drip Starter Kit that is ideal for potted plants, hanging baskets and planter boxes as well as for watering small areas and patios. Using the pressure reducer, water pressure automatically reduces and maintains a constant pressure of 14,5psi. The in-line drippers are adjustable for calibrated irrigation from 0 to 1,59 gal/hour and can be easily cleaned by unscrewing the dripper itself. Kit includes 1 each: 3/4" pressure reducer and automatic adapter, 1/4" threaded hose adapter and 65’-1/2" hose, 3 each: 1/4" shut-off valves, 5 each: 1/4" Tees, 10 each: hole plugs, 20 each: In-line drippers and 1/4" support stakes
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