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XL Standard Window Box, Garden Wall Planter, Hayrack Planter

Claim a bit more container gardening space with the Scroll Trough Planters in extra-large dimensions. These multi-functional wall baskets, railing and window planters come ready to pot with a thick liner of natural coco coir. And an extra two inches of width and depth give green thumbs more room to beef up window box arrangements.

Iron window planters feature:

  • Rust resistant black powder coated finishing
  • Spacious 10"H x 9 1/2"W dimensions
  • Pre-drilled mounting strips on planter body
  • Matching coco fiber liners

Trough planters lined in coconut husk boast optimal porosity for the healthiest plant roots. All your spring and summertime favorites like snapdragons and petunias will thrive in these window planters. Also, layer in dangling and textural vines to pump up the dimension.

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24" XL Standard Window Box w/ XL Coir Liner
30" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner
36" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner
42" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner
48" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner
60" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner
72" XL  Standard Window Box w/  XL Coir Liner

Make more room for flowers with the Scroll XL Wall Baskets. The secret to this window planter's grandeur is simple - just a couple extra inches added to its width and depth. But, oh, what a difference those inches make when choosing between petunias or verbena at the nursery. With this sizeable flower planter box, you'll have room for both!

Go Bigger, Botanically Speaking

Trough planters are one of those garden staples that never go out of style. Displayed on a wall, railing or as traditional window boxes, these containers provide a pretty plot for gardeners of all levels. Whether aiming to perfect arranging skills, or trying your hand at container gardening for the first time, hayracks are the ideal canvas for budding botanical creativity.

Each iron window planter measures 9 1/2" wide and 10" high for ample arranging space. Combine flowering favorites like petunia, verbena and blue bells with cascading greenery like Vinca and sweet potato vines. There's also plenty of room for brilliant green and colored fillers like coleus, bear grass, ivy and more. And wall baskets lined in natural coconut fiber are sure to keep plant roots happy with plenty of airflow and healthy drainage.

What else do I need to know about trough planters?

Aside from its sizeable dimensions, the Scroll Iron Window Planter offers a host of other features including:

  • Elegant wrought iron design with top scrolling detail
  • Impressive durability in any climate, great for year-round use
  • Rust resistant finishing in the form of a matte black powder coat
  • An included matching coir liner; easy and affordable to replace as needed
  • Built-in 1 1/4" mounting tabs with pre-drilled holes
  • Compatibility with most any desired mounting screws (not included)

For installation, keep in mind that the length of the flower planter box is measured to the outside of the metal basket. This will help to determine size appropriately for a window, wall or railing. Can't find the dimensions you're looking for online? Please call toll free for a quote on custom wall and window planters.