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Artificial Geraniums for Window Boxes

For stunning window boxes with flowers, Hooks & Lattice is proud to feature Artificial Geranium Bushes in a variety of combinations and flower colors. Where the usual silk flowers just won't do, our Artificial Geraniums for window boxes are a lifelike, durable product that is built from a UV protected "recipe" for superior outdoor performance.

Silk flowers are often used to fill window boxes with flowers for use outdoors. However, most silk Artificial Geranium Bushes lose color fast when applied outside. Instead of silk, get Artificial Geraniums for window boxes that hold up well in hot and cold climates, in sunshine and moisture. At Hooks & Lattice, our beautiful artificial outdoor-rated and UV-protected polyblend assortment of flowering Geranium bushes, make a flawless choice for fashioning life-like arrangements in hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of all kinds. Not to mention, Artificial Geranium Bushes that are fabricated out of UV resistant polyblend are durable and have luminous, long-lasting color.

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24" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
30" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
36" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
42" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
48" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
54" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
60" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
72" Window Box Recipe for Geraniums
Our Artificial Geraniums for window boxes are outdoor-rated floral arrangements ideal for planting areas in high or hard to reach places, or window boxes with flowers placed in hard to grow areas. Each of the Artificial Geranium Bushes is made from floral UV protected material that provide a low-maintenance, no-green-thumb-necessary method of creating brilliant window boxes with flowers.

The foliage utilized in our Artificial Geranium Bushes is based on a unique type of flexible plastic material known as Polyblend. Often used to disguise large outdoor equipment, such as antennas, Polyblend lends itself well to applications like our Artificial Geranium Bushes where natural appearance is a must. Artificial Geraniums for window boxes come in three different bloom colors, including pink, red and white, in addition to a range of different sizes. With a lovely faux plant to match any of our containers, entirely make over your garden and landscape from one, convenient online store.

We chose Polyblend for our Artificial Geraniums for window boxes because this material is engineered to tolerate year round weather conditions. Window boxes with flowers can be difficult to maintain, whether live or artificial, but UV protected Polyblend plants and flowers resist color fading which makes it ideal for landscaping around the home. In comparison, silk flowers typically hold their color for 3-6 months if left outdoors, while polyblend will weather the effects of sun and other elements to thrive for several seasons.

With various arrangements or "recipes" of flowering vines and bushes created to accompany our standard window box lengths, Hooks & Lattice has created a comprehensive container gardening solution online. Artificial Geraniums, and also bougainvillea and azalea, are designed to vibrantly fill window box space with lifelike foliage and blooms. With malleable branches, arrange window boxes with flowers as dense or spread out as desired. Common mounting materials for Artificial Geranium Bushes is floral foam, plaster of Paris, gravel, or even soil to keep the floral recipes intact and inside the window box.

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