Copper & Bronze Window Boxes

Copper & Bronze Window Boxes

For high-end curb appeal, think copper and bronze window boxes. Tawny metallic shades lend a distinct look as only copper window boxes can. Plus, many of the containers found in this section are multi-purpose - able to be displayed as wall, railing or window planters, some as liners in addition to standalone copper flower boxes.

Why Bronze and Copper Window Boxes?

To answer this question, one only has to consider the many applications of these two industrial metals. Since long before there were copper and bronze window boxes, each alloy has served many a purpose ranging from pure function to fine art. Our planter designs fall somewhere happily in the middle of utility and visual appeal. In other words, bronze and copper flower boxes are beautiful to look at while offering an able-bodied garden container that's built to last.

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Revel in a bit of container gardening luxury with bronze and copper flower boxes. One only has to glance at the dimensional russet tones of these wall, railing and window planters to recognize the potential. Indeed, any of these gorgeous flower boxes is sure to give your curb appeal an instant high-end boost.

The Distinct Mark of Bronze & Copper Window Boxes

When it comes to conveying luxury, no metal does so more naturally than copper. Window boxes constructed out of the material simply follow suit. As for bronze, well, the beloved alloy derives most of its trademark traits directly from copper as it accounts for the majority of its composition.

To put it another way, there's a reason artists, craftsman, engineers and architects work with copper and bronze. Window box ideas are just a natural departure from what we've already known for centuries:

  • Copper and bronze are lovely to look at AND
  • Both materials offer impressive utility in tough outdoor applications

Not a bad combination. Which helps to explain the abundance of bronze and copper window boxes gracing gorgeous structures worldwide.

Right on Trend

Another perk of metallic window planters is the timelessness of the materials. Not only in the sense that they're tough and lasting, but from a style perspective. Carrying out window box ideas with copper or bronze containers means homeowners can be confident they'll still love the look many years down the line. And in the case of genuine copper window boxes, the containers only continue to surprise season after season. As the material matures to take on a soft green patina new layers of sophistication emerge.

Invest in Curb Appeal

Choosing copper and bronze window box designs can mean a little bit more of an investment up front. However, the returns are well worth it. Also, check out galvanized metal options with bronze and copper-tone finishing. Our superior finishes replicate the real thing in an alternative format that many container gardeners love.