Vinyl Window Boxes

Vinyl Window Boxes

Vinyl Flower Boxes from Hooks and Lattice provide exceptional curb appeal and on a budget too. Lightweight and long lasting, they offer season after season of maintenance-free use. Each vinyl window box comes with its own unique mounting brackets for walls. Yet they are versatile and lightweight enough, they can even be mounted as a deck rail planter and on porch or fence rails with specialized hardware. Pick up stylish faux decorative brackets, or corbels, for additional decorative allure. Add a vinyl white window box to match your porch railing, or go with black for bold contrast. With this much versatility, it's easy to add enduring curb appeal with any of our many stylish vinyl window boxes.

Choose standard plastic liners for easy planting in your work space, drop them in window box cages or use as standalone planters. A variety of standard sizes of liners and window boxes are available in each of the designs we carry. And many designs come with a built in reservoir system, making it convenient for individuals who travel a lot or for those who have busy lives. Reservoirs in our self-watering vinyl planter boxes can keep foliage hydrated for weeks, depending on weather conditions and plant type.

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  1. Presidential Window Boxes - White
  2. Parada Window Boxes - White
    Parada Window Boxes - White

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  3. Presidential Window Boxes - Espresso
  4. Presidential Window Boxes - Black
  5. Provincial Vinyl Window Box -7 sizes
  6. Parada Window Boxes - Espresso
  7. Presidential Window Boxes - Green
  8. Presidential Window Boxes - Red
  9. Parada Window Boxes - Black
    Parada Window Boxes - Black

    Starting at $119.99

  10. Presidential Window Boxes - Clay
  11. The Promenade Vinyl Window Box
  12. Royal Vinyl Window Box
    Royal Vinyl Window Box

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  13. Basswood Self-Watering Window Box Planters
  14. Balconissima Self Watering Railing Planter
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Vinyl Window Box Styles For Every Décor

Choosing a window box for your home's exterior is easy with the many styles we carry. The Vinyl Window Box offers untold beauty along with practicality in a variety of silhouettes. From traditional to country designs, any home can benefit from increased curb appeal with vinyl flower boxes from Hooks and Lattice. These boxes are lightweight and easy to mount too. They make perfect accents as a patio or deck rail planter as well, continuing the decorating theme on your property. Our vinyl window boxes come in black, gray, cream, red and white, and are backed by a 15-year limited warranty. If a different color is preferred, white can easily be painted over with any high quality exterior latex paint that matches your home's exterior.

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Vinyl Planter Boxes Materials: Durable and Enduring

Each of our vinyl planter boxes is made with high grade polyethylene material that won't mildew, rot, crack or warp. They have double walled construction to ensure not only durability in all kinds of weather extremes; these vinyl flower boxes for windows endure season after season. As a maintenance-free planter box, all you need to keep them fresh and crisp is an occasional rinse with a light spray when dust and debris accumulates. Colors won't fade due to sun exposure either. With several simple yet elegant design choices, these inexpensive window boxes provide an affordable alternative to more expensive boxes.

Easy Care Options for Vinyl Window Planters

Several styles come with removable trays that effectively catch water as it drips through the soil. This eliminates over watering while also helping the soil stay hydrated when needed. Some containers feature self-watering reservoirs, allowing plants to stay hydrated for weeks at a time, depending on climate conditions and plant species. Pick up white and black plastic liners on this page, and check out self watering reservoirs sold elsewhere on our site to add convenience to your busy life. Plant roots wick water from the reservoir below when thirsty. For additional information about any of our vinyl window boxes, call 800-896-0978 today to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Creating quaint, carefree gardens is easy with the Royal Vinyl Window Boxes.

Window Box Contest Just ask our customers Pat and Jim, who purchased one for their Western Washington home. They selected this self-watering white flower box to dress up a small front window. The added dimension is oh-so lovely, and both delighted homeowners agree:

"This is our first-ever window box and we love how it's become a pleasant focal point of our red, black and white theme year 'round!"

When choosing flowers for window boxes, following a color theme is a great idea. It lends cohesion to your landscape and, as our customers shared, helps to create exciting pockets of interest. Also, adding shutters to windows is an attractive way to open up smaller ones.