Basswood Self-Watering Window Box Planter

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Finding the right window box planters has never been easier than with this Basswood planter. Its clean lines and solid colors offer a simple appearance that bodes well for any home's exterior. The easy to use liner can be planted on the ground, or on your potting table, and then inserted into the planter box for ease of use. When cold weather strikes, or you just want to switch things up a bit, the liner easily lifts out of the box for easy transport without disturbing your plants. Mount to any railing, or even directly on your walls. It's the perfect wall planter for patios and other areas where ledges are not readily available. The boxes are also self-watering, so your plants stay lush and green, even when you don't have the gardening know-how you'd like. The irrigation system provides all the water and nutrients your plants need for up to 12 weeks (under optimal conditions), so you can set it all up and then forget it. Perfect for those who travel often, or business owners who want lush greenery at their store fronts, but who don't have time for frequent watering. Choose from an array of colors to easily coordinate with your decor.

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Length 21", 31"
Height 7"
Width 7"
Material Vinyl
Color Blue, Coral, Grey, Light Brown, Light Green, Nutmeg, Slate, White
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