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Black Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters

Find another attractive container option in our contemporary flower planters with dark finishing. As the shade associated with all things elegant, black translates well to sleek metal window boxes. This handsome outdoor garden box is well-appointed on its own or as a liner for our wrought iron planter cages.

For superior outdoor performance, black metal window boxes take their color from a rust resistant powder coat. This strong finishing on top of durable galvanized metal equips contemporary flower planters for lasting container garden displays. And bright floral colors look ultra-brilliant when springing up from a dark base.

To install this outdoor garden box on its own we recommend a mount to support the full weight of the container, like shelf brackets. This style adds great curb appeal along windows, walls or railings. And as a pairing for wrought iron planters, consider the chic contrast of a bronze-tone cage - available in many of our most popular styles.

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24in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
30in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
36in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
42in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
48in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
54in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
60in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish
72in. Metal Window Box Liner, Black-Tone Finish

To all the lovers of opulent black, metal window boxes are now sporting your favorite dusky tone. Enjoy a lustrous look as contemporary flower planters grace outdoor railings, windows, patio walls, and more.

Elegant Contrast For Exquisite Curb Appeal

Mastering the art of the container garden is all about shape, light, texture and tone. Sort of like a botanical painting. And as any good painter knows, the right canvas helps to get each piece off on the right foot. In green thumb terms the outdoor garden box is the backdrop for every masterpiece - so make sure it has maximum curb appeal potential.

Black may seem an unlikely source of inspiration in a realm so colorful and bright. But, at Hooks and Lattice, we think the luxurious feel of black metal window boxes poses an exciting, modern container garden opportunity. Whether blended into black railings, or set against light neutral siding, dark flower planter tones prove some of the best for setting up memorable contrast.

Galvanized Metal Strength

The great outdoors, while alive with beauty, can be a tough environment. As such, a contemporary flower planter need be up to the challenge. Here's what a container garden set in galvanized metal has to offer:

  • Superior resistance to damaging corrosion
  • All-climate performance in heat or cold
  • Black finish is a rust resistant powder coating
  • Pre-drilled drainage for healthy watering
  • Lowest level of maintenance from year to year

Truly, black metal window boxes come equipped for outdoor excellence - in any region during all four seasons.

Exciting Range of Display Options

One of the things we love most about this outdoor garden box is its impressive versatility: Exquisite on its own or as a pairing for our wrought iron flower planter cages.

To display a black metal window box on its own our recommendation is to install brackets that support the container garden's full weight. A shelf bracket configuration is best for window, wall and railing applications.

For use as a wrought iron cage liner simply choose the corresponding size and pop liners in and out of the mounted metal housing. Black inserts against a black cage give planter boxes a more subtle look, while a bronze-tone cage with an underlay of black conveys classic distinction.

All roads lead to curb appeal here, so feel free to give your "green" heart whatever it desires!