Black Galvanized 2-in-1 Metal Window Box or Liner

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  • This window box measures 24"-72" in length
  • 8" wide and 8.5" in height
  • Comes with pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Optional brackets come with hardware
  • Custom sizes available

Find another attractive container option in our contemporary flower planters with dark finishing. As the shade associated with all things elegant, black translates well to sleek metal window boxes. These handsome products offer versatility as solitary deck flower boxes, or hanging window boxes as a liner for our wrought iron planter cages.

For superior outdoor performance, black metal window boxes take their color from a rust resistant powder coat. This strong finishing on top of durable galvanized metal equips contemporary flower planters for lasting container garden displays. And bright floral colors look ultra-brilliant when springing up from a dark base.

To install this on its own we recommend a mount to support the full weight of the container, like shelf brackets. This style adds great curb appeal along windows, walls or railings. And as a pairing for wrought iron planters, consider the chic contrast of a simple or ornate window box cage.