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Copper Flower Boxes & Bronze Window Boxes

Copper window boxes, copper flower boxes, and bronze window boxes are a great way to improve the outside appearance of any home, business or hotel. Copper is often used to accent high end homes and now you can add this beautiful copper look to your home by adding one of our five copper window box designs.

One of our newest copper window boxes is the ArmoreCoat Le Fleur. We offer ten styles of copper and bronze window boxes with copper liners, the copper classic window box, the copper scroll window box and the copper elegance window box. Flat black, powder coated iron, accent, the copper window boxes. Mount copper flower boxes and window boxes under a window, on a deck or even inside on the wall. All of our copper window boxes will patina to a soft green or blue as they are exposed to the elements.

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Real Copper Lined Arch Decora Window Boxes
Real Copper Lined Del Mar Decora Window Boxes
Real Copper Lined Venetian Decora Window Boxes
Pacific Heights Copper Window Boxes
Available in Custom Lengths
6 Standard Sizes
Del Mar Heights Copper Window Boxes
Available in Custom Lengths
6 Standard Sizes
Copper ArmoreCoat La Fleur Window Box
ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Window Box
Available in Custom Lengths
6 Standard Sizes
Del Mar Decora Window Box with Bronze Galvanized Liner
Arch Decora Window Boxes with Bronze Galvanized Liners
Venetian Decora Window Boxes with Bronze Galvanized Liner
Santiago Decora Window Boxes w/ Real Copper Liners
Real Copper Window Boxes/Decora Liners
Real Copper Window Boxes, Planters & Liners
Copper Classic Window Box
Copper Elegance Window Box
Copper Scroll Window Box

The ArmoreCoat Le Fleur Window Box is a product sold exclusively at Hooks and Lattice. This ArmoreCoat window box has been made by applying a coating of copper over a fiberglass core that is then patina�d. ArmoreCoat�s process of metalizing copper to fiberglass provide a beautiful piece that will continue to patina like solid or sheet metal copper. A window box made of solid cast copper in this size would cost thousands of dollars and would be too heavy to mount under any line of window. Now with our exclusive line of ArmoreCoat copper flower boxes, copper window boxes, and planters you can have the rich accents of solid cast copper for a fraction of the cost and weight.

Not only will the bronze window boxes look beautiful installed under your favorite windows with the standard brackets it can also be put in one of our black wrought iron cages, or used as an accent planter on the top of a wall or even inside your home. Whether looking at the pieces close up or far away it will be a wonderful addition to any surrounding. Architects, designers and custom home owners spend thousands of dollars to include copper accents in the designs of their extravagant homes. Now by installing ArmoreCoat copper and bronze window boxes to your home you can add copper accents at a fraction of the price.