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Hanging Basket Reservoirs & Inserts

Hanging Basket Reservoirs have the ability to save municipalities thousands of dollars a year by reducing the number of waterings.  Add Hooks and Lattice Hanging Basket Wells and get better looking hanging baskets that cost less to maintain and also conserve water.  Once a city installs our hanging basket reservoir into a hanging basket they will never put up another hanging basket without one.  Hooks and Lattice has a number of hanging basket reservoir solutions for hanging baskets.  For more information call us at: 888-320-0626

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18" Hanging Basket Planter Well "Bowl" Shaped Reservoir
22" Hanging Basket Planter Well "Bowl" Shaped Reservoir
6" Round Planter Well Reservoir
8" Round Planter Well Reservoir
12" Round Planter Well Reservoir
14" Round Planter Well Reservoir
18" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert
24" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert

Cities that enhance their appeal for tourists and home-towners alike will relish the savings to be realized by adding hanging basket self-watering reservoirs to each installation. A small investment in self-watering reservoirs for hanging baskets (or any other planter) quickly pays you back in lower labor costs and water costs. Significant amounts of water are also saved, more and more important in our increasingly water-scarce world.

These self-watering liners are also very popular with homeowners. Fewer worries and less work - what's not to love? If you've gone away for a few hot days and found brown plants when you returned, you know how quickly hanging planters without self-watering inserts can wither.

We offer self-watering round planter and hanging basket inserts for planters from a 6", which waters a planter up to 15" long, to 22". Choose from two round planter self-watering inserts. Plant wells, which irrigate well outside their base size, are offered in four sizes for planters up to 23" in diameter, and hold up to two gallons of water. Made of durable materials. Next up are hanging basket "bowl" shaped liners, shaped to perfection specifically for our 18" and 22" round hanging planters. Again fashioned in a durable material, another great way to use them to conserve water and sprinkle less often is to pair them with one of our coir liners. Or cut your own coir, but especially for round baskets most customers find it a better use of time to use pre-designed coir inserts.

And we now have yet another great advance in easy, sustainable hanging baskets with self-watering inserts. Add fiberglass hanging basket inserts to our 18" and 22" hanging planters. Their key pluses for improved water conservation and general hanging planter use include ease in transferring plants from greenhouse to hanging planter or swapping hanging plants out between seasons using their convenient handles, and even more efficiency at holding water for use over several days. Fiberglass liners extend the life of water-saving coir liners, too.