Round Planter Well Reservoir

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Ensure that your outdoor plants always get the water they need with this self-watering planter reservoir. It irrigates the soil in every direction, reaching down deep to nourish seeds and thirsty roots.

  • Releases enough water to keep plants nurtured and stable
  • Adaptable to traditional planters or hanging baskets
  • Comes with PVC fill tube

Reservoirs are easy to install... simply place the reservoir at the bottom of the planter, with a thin layer of gravel for drainage when it rains or the planter gets over-watered. The water in the reservoir will travel roughly 9-12" in all directions, so be sure and put the reservoir roughly 2-10 inches from the plants roots. Insert fill tube. Some people put PVC adhesive on the tube to ensure it stays in place. Cover directly with good fiberous soil. Add your plants and add water to the reservoir. Top water throroughly to get the reservoir and plants started. Top water a few more times until roots become established and the roots begin to wick the water up naturally.  Once established, fill reservoir as needed depending on weather. You will want reservoirs everywhere when you see the excellent results of watering plants at the right time in the right amount!