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Direct Mount Flower Boxes, Window Flower Boxes, Simple Flower Box

Everyone seems to love our Cleat Mount Laguna Style Flower Box so we made a little smaller Direct Mount Version which is also more affordable and can be mounted directly to your wall. It simply mounts directly to the wall with lag bolts (and lag shields if mounting to block, brick or masonry). This Direct Mount Laguna Flower Box is made of maintenance free Cellular PVC which are hand made by our dedicated craftsmen and will never rot, crack warp or twist due to exposure to water, snow, ice or frost. Insects want nothing to do with them as well. This solid wall material looks and feels like wood and has the same density and weight as Pine.  Most customers are amazed at the quality of workmanship that goes into these flower boxes and how they represent a real alternative to wood without looking shiny or plastic like.

All of our sturdy Laguna Flower Boxes (sometimes called flower planters) come in standard white, but you can easily paint them any color to suit your need. A Flower Box looks best when sized to the outer edge of your window trim or  midpoint of your shutters but many people deviate based on their planned planting scheme and the use of spilling vines over the ends.  The top and bottom molding on the Direct Mount Laguna  flower box adds 1.25" to overall length and 5/8" to the width.  In addition to our six standard sizes (24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72") we will gladly make any custom length you require.  Simply call us for a quote.

24" Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
30in. Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
36in. Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
42" Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
48" Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
54"Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
60" Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
72" Direct Mount Laguna Premier Flower Box
Petite Classic Faux Bracket

Please Note: We sell mounting bolts for our composite window boxes separately and can be found on the right side of each product page or on our "Window Box Brackets & Bolts" web page. The reason we don't automatically supply bolts and hardware is due to the many different types of walls and siding used throughout the U.S. Your bolt requirements will vary based on the type of wall or siding your home or office has. For Premier Direct Mount Window Boxes we recommend you mount them directly to your wall (vs. a bracket) using 3/8" diameter X 3 1/2" long bolts for wood and stucco siding but only when fully secured to the framing studs inside of the wall. Lag shields should be added with the lag bolts when mounting in brick, masonry or block.

We urge you to consult your local hardware store, handyman or licensed contractor for more specific direction if required.