Black Laguna Window Box

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Sleek, stylish, and fitting for most any home décor, these black window boxes are ideal for showcasing your favorite blossoms, greeting guests with colorful curb appeal. Their roomy interior offers ample space for plant life, whether you want vibrant flowers on deck railings for an upscale modern look or are interested in having herbs and small vegetables in easy reach outside the kitchen window.

Our black window planters are made from durable fiberglass so they maintain their luster, performing well over time. Each flower window box is handmade and finished to the highest quality by our artisans. No chipping, fading, or rotting!

They also resist insect damage so plants stay healthier and happier throughout the growing season. These black window boxes feature a unique integrated channel mounting system and come complete with stainless steel wall brackets. Add the optional self-watering system to supply water directly to the roots, allowing plants to stay nourished and hydrated up to two weeks. Choose from an array of standard sizes or contact us for a custom quote.

Sizes L x 8.875"W x 8"H

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