Outdoor Rated Artificial Sprengerii

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Outdoor Rated Artificial Sprengerii Details:

With the Artificial Sprengeri, you can bring the beauty of a living fern to a hanging basket, planter, window box or other outdoor display without ever having to water or trim. This beautifully rendered artificial fern is 20 inches in size and measures 14 inches from tip to tip. The 36"length fern is approximately 19" wide and has a two tone look. The thin, stem-like leaves of the fern are carefully crafted to make them as lifelike as possible, and the fronds cascade gracefully from the central form, giving the piece a soft appearance. The fern can be used on its own or in groups and is resistant to ultraviolet exposure and weather.

20" Sprengerii bush is 20" in length, 291 leaves, and approximately 14" wide with a bare stem

36" Sprengerii Bush is 36" in length, approximately 19" wide, tutone green and bare stem