20" Square UV Outdoor Rated Tropical Foliage Tile

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Elevate your DIY landscaping with our 20" Square UV Outdoor Rated Tropical Foliage Tile. This tropical touch brings nature's charm to your space, and it's perfect for homeowners looking to add a vibrant touch.

Why It's Perfect for You:

Tropical Elegance: Our Tropical Foliage Tile boasts a primarily schefflera background, complemented by smaller accents that create a lush foliage mix with natural color variation. It's like having a piece of the tropics right at home.

DIY Delight: Now, you can enjoy the same beautiful artificial replica living walls use as a backing component. This plastic-backed version is designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind, making installation a breeze.

Easy Installation: The flexible backing allows for installation with zip ties or staples. Whether it's drywall, wood paneling, or chain link, this tile adapts to your space effortlessly.

Custom Options: Need something more unique? These tiles can be mounted on a powder-coated iron backing or combined into rolls, customized to your project's requirements. Contact us to explore your tailored options.

Bulk Savings: Embrace the cost-effective joy of buying in bulk. Enjoy discounts while transforming your space.

Experience the allure of the tropics with our 20" Square UV Outdoor Rated Tropical Foliage Tile. Your DIY project just got a whole lot more vibrant and convenient. Dive into tropical paradise at home, one tile at a time.