6 Foot Bamboo Outdoor Rated Tree

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  • Potted in weighted base
  • UV Protected Leaves
  • Natural Bamboo Canes for realism

Bamboo is a popular choice the world over. Its Eastern roots create a relaxing and serene feel wherever it is placed, while its sleek and tall stalks reach skyward in an elegant display that is fitting for virtually any location. The only problem is that bamboo is very particular about where it will thrive, and it requires precise watering and maintenance to help it look its very best. That's why we've created this faux bamboo for your home or garden. Ideal for commercial locations and homes alike, this artificial bamboo will create the look you're going for, but you'll never have to water, prune, or trim back out of control growth. No green thumb, or even gardening know-how, required.

 The bamboo canes are natural, and the foliage has been treated with UV chemicals, which prevent fading and other damage caused by the sun's rays. This product is also made to withstand rain and other outdoor conditions without mold and other issues which can arise with other outdoor artificial plants.

 The arrangements comes ready to place anywhere you want it, with stalks being placed in a non-decorative weighted  planter which aids in stabilizing the bamboo.