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French Quarter Aluminum Window Box

For metal window boxes done in timeless European style, the French Quarter Aluminum Window Boxes display lovely feminine lines like those found throughout the well known New Orleans historical district. For outdoor wall and railing planters, metal window flower boxes are a brilliant way to celebrate the architecture of your home while adding favorite combinations of fresh foliage and blossoms.

Distinct in their French influence, these aluminum window boxes are designed with lovely cage ornamentation that is finished with a black powder coating. For a lining to accompany metal window boxes, customers have their choice of five alluring options with each at varying additional cost. The most affordable option is a white cellular PVC liner, but silver-, bronze- and copper-tone, or real copper metal window flower boxes are also available. Some gardeners also choose to order the French Quarter Aluminum Window Boxes as is and fill with their own terracotta pots.

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24in. French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
30in. French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
36" French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
42" French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
48in. French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
54" French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
60in. French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
72" French Quarter Aluminum Window Box
Classics never go out of style - the French Quarter Aluminum Window Boxes are beautiful proof of this fact. Each of the lovely metal window flower boxes pictured above features New Orleans-inspired ornamentation bent into a quality aluminum cage with no iron or steel filler straps. One can almost picture these metal window boxes mounted from a second story window above a historic courtyard with elegant fountains trickling below and weathered patina on the surrounding walls.

From inspired design to meticulous execution, the French Quarter Metal Window boxes are an effortless classic. Although the cage itself can be filled with terracotta pots, moss or coco coir liners, cellular PVC and metal window flower boxes are also available to purchase as lining. Hooks and Lattice offers five attractive liner options, each with their own price point and persona.

To keep materials consistent with caged aluminum window boxes, four different metal liners are available. Beginning with galvanized metal options in bronze-, silver- or copper-tone finishes, gardeners can choose from warm or cool tones to pair with the rich black design of the French Quarter cage. Authentic copper liners are also featured and can be sealed to hold their original color, or left to naturally patina over time. And for our most affordable liner option, Hooks & Lattice is proud to offer a white cellular PVC liner that is durable and adds nice contrast when inserted amongst the dark outer cage.

The classic flower and vine design of our French Quarter Metal Window Flower Boxes will transport your senses to a different place and time. Imagine open-air interiors and enigmatic courtyards with candelabras dripping wax from tall tapered candles. These metal window boxes conjure up French influence as only New Orleans can do it. Just like the enchanting mental pictures these container planters produce, your home will become a living canvas for European-inspired vibrant plant and flower arrangements.

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