Artificial Buckler Fern Outdoor Rated

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Artificial Buckler Fern Outdoor Rated Details:

  • Made from UV rated plastic for outdoor use
  • 20 inches tall x 18 inch approximate width
  • Ships with bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container

With its delicate foliage that looks like verdant lace growing along its stems, the buckler fern is truly a sight to behold in nature. Our Artificial Buckler Fern translates that incomparable beauty into a design that will never require watering, repotting or fertilizing. Measuring 20 inches in height by 18 inches in width, the fern features both weeping and upright growth, making it a lovely choice for a hanging basket, a wall-mounted planter or a floor planter with a prominent lip. However you choose to plant it, you can be sure that the UV and weather-resistant plant will last handsomely even in the harshest of conditions.