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34" Outdoor Artificial Azalea Vines

Showcase the beauty of azaleas without the demands of live plant care using 34" outdoor rated artificial vines from Hooks & Lattice. Inspired by the well-loved flowering shrub, our artificial azalea vines form a lovely cascade over the edge of a window box, hanging basket or large outdoor planter. Available with red, white and pink blooms or a green bud style, our artificial azaleas have built in fade-resistant UV protection. This feature helps these fake plants to imitate their live counterparts and add a lifelike boost to your exterior architecture and landscaping.

Perfect for hard to reach second story window boxes or tucked away planters that are hard to water, these vibrant artificial vines are easily incorporated into a variety of placements. In keeping with the natural shift in seasons, planters can change out the green bud artificial vine with flowering varieties during the spring blooming period. Whatever your planned design, our durable and lifelike artificial azalea vines will make a bright addition to your exterior.

All artificial plants are shipped un-potted in vine form.

34in. Hanging Red Azalea Vine, Outdoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Cream Azalea Vine, Outdoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Pink Azalea Vine, Outdoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Flowerless Azalea Vine, Outdoor Artificial
Greenery is an easy and lively way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, but live plant care can at times prove troublesome. For projects that involve hard to reach planters or hard to handle climates, gardeners may find a solution in the Hooks & Lattice collection of artificial azalea vines. Inspired by the popular and well-loved flowering shrub, our artificial azaleas imitate their live counterparts with an authentic look and feel. But when it comes to being low-maintenance, these artificial vines don't have to pretend. They help to cut down on resource and time expenditure spent watering, pruning and repotting with a no nonsense solution to brightening your exterior.

As outdoor rated fake plants, our artificial azalea vines are designed to last in a range of climates. In addition, a built in UV protection system ensures that your plants arrive ready to stand up to the sun's damaging rays and resist fading. This feature allows them to endure the test of time and hold their own in placements with other live plants.

Browse through our collection of artificial azalea vines to find a variety of three different bloom colors (red, white and pink) in addition to a non-flowering green bud version. Combine a variety of colors or choose a consistent hue, and even imitate the natural change of seasons by switching out the vine-only style with blooming versions. The versatility of our artificial azalea collection makes them an easy addition to your window boxes, flower pots and large multi-plant arrangements.

All artificial azalea vines are sold and shipped un-potted in vine form. However, with the variety of available flower pots, hanging baskets and large planters available in our collection, you're sure to find a perfect pairing for your artificial azaleas to "live" in. Whether they're cascading over the side of a second story window box, or boosting the brilliance of a multi-plant arrangement on your patio, the authentic look of these artificial vines with azalea blooms are sure to impress. For further consultation on our artificial plant collection and suggestions on accompanying planter styles, contact one of the knowledgeable customer service representatives at Hooks & Lattice!