UV Outdoor Rated 30" Impatiens Vines-4 Colors

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30" Impatiens Outdoor UV Rated Details:

  • Comes with bare stem to "plant" in your favorite container
  • Made from UV rated plastic foliage perfect for outdoor use
  • 30 inches tall x 16 inch approximate width
  • Comes with 16 flower clusters

Lively and green fake flower vines that erupt into colorful artificial impatiens blossoming at each tip make a lovely addition to hanging pots and window boxes outside. At Hooks and Lattice, our collection of exterior rated impatiens in hanging vine form is meant to look authentic, require virtually no maintenance, and have everyone guessing at your secret.

Silk impatiens found at home goods stores or factory outlets if left outdoors will quickly fade and degrade, but each 30" Artificial Impatiens Vine is constructed with materials that give the plant realistic color, texture and shape, and also resist fading in the sun or damage from moisture. Fake flower vines from this collection can be found gracing commercial and residential properties in a range of applications. Cascading over the edges of a window box, draped over the sides of a large concrete planter, or delicately dangling down from a hanging pot – UV rated impatiens bring life and color to any exterior.

30" in height x 16" approximate width
16 Flower clusters