26" Outdoor UV Rated Morning Glory Vine-5 Colors

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Partial UV Exposure- Recommended for shaded areas.

Outdoor artificial plants are the perfect solution for brightening up your space when live plants aren't practical or possible. Unlike traditional flowerbeds that require open ground space and container gardens that require constant maintenance, these artificial morning glories bring natural beauty without any of the fuss. No need to ever water, fertilize or prune these lush tendrils.

Made from lifelike fabric material and UV protected plastic, these fake vines will last for years indoors or outdoors in semi-protected conditions (limited wind exposure and commercial traffic). Use them to dress up blank walls and doorways or spread them along the ground for a realistic faux flowerbed.

With delicate colored blooms against lush green foliage, these fake vines also make an excellent decoration for event planners and hospitality locations. A flexible metal wire core allows you to spread, cluster, or trail them across tables, archways, and trellises, or "plant" them in decorative containers.