Bloomington Patio Planters

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Elegance and curb appeal don't have to mean replacing your outdoor tall patio planters frequently. Bloomington Tall Patio Planters come with a 15 year limited warranty. That's because their strong high-grade polyethylene construction will mean season after season of enduring the elements while looking great. The Bloomington patio planters are available in black, white and espresso, so you can choose the tone that best fits your landscaping and outdoor decor. Excellent near gates, terraces and doorways, they hold 6.5 gallons of soil--depending on their intended usage, you can choose to drill drainage holes in them. They measure 28.5" in height x 16" square with the opening measuring a generous 11.25" Square. 

Note their sub-irrigation system created using a self watering tray insert--a great way to promote strong roots and save yourself work in the garden.