PVC Composite Window Box Hardware

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Attach your flower planters before summertime with our collection of bolts or screws for window box installation. There are 3 screws in each thick set - and each one is sturdy with superior reliability for hanging your toughest, lengthiest window boxes. For mounting purposes, we suggest using a packet of 3 for a single box of up to 48-inches in length. This would equal out to one in the middle and one on each end - drilled directly into your PVC window boxes and the wood, stucco, of vinyl of your home. Additionally, these bolts or screws have a natural resistance to rusting, and they are designed to be long-lasting.

Recommended uses for 3/8" diameter bolts:

  • Hanging our PVC composite window boxes

*Please note: Hooks and Lattice does not recommend using these bolts to install our faux balconies or iron accents. Consult a licensed contractor regarding proper hardware and installation for your project.