4 Pack Heavy Duty Cable Ties

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  • Cable Tie measures 13.5" Length x 1/2"W, with double lock, 250 pound tensile strength
  • When the Cable Tie needs to be released, it must be cut, and a new Cable Tie must be used.

Deltec ® Cable Tie straps are an excellent security measure for window boxes that might potentially be dislocated from their non-secure mountings and fall - Window Boxes mounted on metal railings are a prime example due to pedestrian traffic in busy areas. Also, an excellent security enhancement for balconies where the potential for falling products could do others harm. Sold as 4-packs only. The tensile strength (initial load amount) of each tie is 250 lbs. however the recommended maximum continuous static loading for the Deltec® straps are 20 lbs./strap.  For best results it is suggested one strap be spaced every 15 inches depending on the weight of the window box and its contents.  It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether their application meets these recommendations.